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Welcome to www.notomerongtip.com (No Tomerong Tip). 

Please Note -  This website was quickly set up as a quick response to the surprise lodging of DA 09/2077, to the Shoalhaven community, to raise awareness of the DA, environmental repercussions and numerous other planning shortfalls. This objective has been achieved with the closing of Shoalhaven City Council Public Submissions on 16/10/09, over with 700 public submissions, a record for the Shoalhaven. The next hurdle is the Southern Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) determination process. This can be more closely followed at www.shutip.com which at this time has more resources and updated information.  At 01/12/09 this site is no longer being updated. Thank you for your support!

NEWS - At the closing time of public Submissions to council (16/10/09), there has been about 700 letters of objection lodged. All these people will have a chance to address the Joint Regional Planning Panel. This may be in a few months time. There has also been and around 300 petition signatures lodged. 

This website is a Shoalhaven resident organised  information centre for people concerned about the current Development Application (DA09/2077) for 146 Parnell Rd Tomerong (lot 4 DP 775296).  Lodged by Watkinson Apperley Pty Ltd, for a "Non-Putrescible Waste facility".

We aim to present as much information about the D.A. in 'Simple English',  so Shoalhaven citizens can make  informed decisions about the proposed tip when making submissions to council. At the moment there are more questions than answers.

This Development Application concerns the whole of the Shoalhaven, not just Tomerong, Huskisson, St Georges Basin, Sanctuary Point, Basin View, Sussex Inlet, Booderee National park, Jervis Bay Village (A.C.T.), Erowal Bay, Vincentia, Callala Beach, Callala Bay, Jervis Bay National Park, Shoalhaven Tourism, The waters of Jervis Bay, Jervis bay Beach lovers.  Only a united stand of the people of the Shoalhaven will stop this probable environmental disaster.

Want to know what other concerned Shoalhaven Residents are thinking. See the SUBMISSIONS page

If you have any reasons why this D.A. should not be approved, please make a Submission to council!

If you want more INFORMATION please see our INFORMATION pages (above).  If that does not answer your questions please contact the Shoalhaven Council (see our CONTACT PAGE ) for answers. We would appreciate any feedback from your dealings with Council in this matter so that we can inform other concerned parties.

If you want to put a submission into council  (and WE URGE YOU TO DO SO!!) please see our 'INFORMATION / SAMPLE LETTER' page.  SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 
Your Letter Counts! 

If you would like to register your interest for or against the D.A. please CONTACT us.

If you would like to know exactly in what part of the Shoalhaven this Tip is proposed,  see map below..
HINT.  The red pin centres on the proposed Tip.  See how close it is to The Shoalhaven's 'Jewel in the Crown' Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin. Note how close it is to populated areas.
Use the 'satellite' view tab and then magnify the map with the '+' button

River systems and impact studies

Note that within a couple of hundred metres of the Proposed tip site there are the upper reaches of two river systems:
1. Tomerong creek, which runs into Cockrow Creek, and then St Georges Basin
2. Moona Moona Creek and Duck Creek which runs into Jervis Bay
These systems do flood!
Children from all over the Shoalhaven and Tourists  from Sydney and beyond, swim and canoe in both Creeks,
down stream from what will be a lead and asbestos waste facility and much, much more.. (believe the impact study's if you dare!)

This is Your - Bay and Basin.  Defend it or Surrender It!

Make a Submission to Council!
Dont risk this happening to Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin

Become a ShUT Member and keep informed about this D.A. 09/2077 by email See.. Membership Form & Flyer
For more information see ShUTip.com
Last updated 01/12/09