Development Application (D.A) Concerns (and what we do know below)

This page is mainly a list of questions currently in random order. Some may not be valid, but some definitely will. Hopefully soon we will have some answers in a "Some Answers" section. Hopefully this random list will get you thinking! If you think any of these unanswered questions need answering contact the Shoalhaven Council and ask. Ask for an answer in Writing (see what sort of a response you get for your $1.000.00+ rates per year! Then tell us about your experience. What do you think the phrase "Community Consultation" means?

If you have any information or questions about this D.A. that are not already mentioned on this page, please contact us.

Because this D.A. was lodged effectively by surprise, many people have minimal information, which fuels gossip. This page is designed to list questions raised by concerned people so that we may get answers from the appropriate people when a meeting with the Council and the developers are arranged. See.. meetings

Random Concerns and Questions..                       Hint  (See.. Some Answers page for some answers)

Who will be adversely affected as well as neighboring residents
What future ribbon development will result from placing a heavy industrial equivalent development 6 k's from Jervis Bay
Has the government changed its mind on 'Jervis Bay'
Why put the tip in the middle of a populated area?
Why was a stand of several Mellaluca trees secretly removed from the property in 2007. Would these have conflicted with the EIS.
There have been 3 adjustments to the quarry mining licence since 2001. Why weren't the neighbouring community consulted. What were the adjustments.
Where will the Water to damp the dust and gravel come from. How much water will be used. Will water restrictions stop the tip operation in times of drought. Will a larger water main have to be supplied service the proposed tip. Who will pay for that.
What will happen when the next bush fire comes through like on the 25/12/2001.
Will a fire turn the "Inert Waste" to "Toxic Waste"
What sort of toxic runoff will occur with a deluge like the storm in September 1998.
Why is there effectively no buffer zone from proposed tip to neighbours.
Where will the tourists go when Jervis Bay is closed for swimming in 10 or 15 years due to toxic run off.
Why did Peter Garrett stop the 'Heritage Estate' near St Georges Basin, on environmental grounds and yet, this mega tip proposal is even being considered. Where is the 'Federal Voice' as possible a waste facility failure in this location would compromise Bodoree Nationpark and its waters, HMAS Creswell, Jervis Bay Marine Park, etc..
What are the detailed steps of the tipping process.
What specialised qualifications will the personnel working in the tip have, to identify and separate unauthorized Waste.
What procedures will be in place when a waste mistake or accident occurs. Who will be informed. What is the process.
Will there be a documented process of nearby resident evacuation.
Will low grade nuclear waste be allowable.
What types of trucks will bring the rubbish,
Will they all be Semi rigid articulated 20 tones, or will they be 5 tonners as well. If so will this multiply the 11,000 truck movements per year forecast, to maybe 40,000 truck movements.
Who will pay for the undoubted road repairs from wear and tear caused bi 11,000 heavy truck movements per year.
Who will scrutinise, audit and police, out of operation hours, truck movements and unauthorised truck movements up Parnell Rd.
What noise reduction provisions will be put in place along Island Point Rd.
Will they be required not to use exhaust brakes in the Tomerong area.
What trucks speed limit will be set in the Tomerong area. How will it be policed.
Will a Tomerong/Shoalhaven  residents consultation be accomplished within reasonable time before the closing submission date.
Why is a tip being considered in prime coastal Real Estate. When there is 4,000 kilometres of more appropriate land to the west.
How much a tonne are they going to charge for rubbish or will there be a scale depending on toxicity, like lead and asbestos.
How are the owners paid by Tomerong Waste Pty Ltd. By year or by tonne?
How easy would it be to turn an established non-putrescible waste facility into a putrescible waste facility??
Can a Concerned Shoalhaven Resident group be included in the development, consultation, building, methods of operation process to audit and ensure responsible management.
If the tip is a 'Private Company' what will happen if it goes broke. Will the people of the Shoalhaven foot the bill for cleaning up.
What will the tip look like after 30 years. How will it be finished off. Who will pay for that. Is there a trust fund set up so there will be money to re vegetate the area. Whats involved. How much a tonne will be levied for area beautification?
Is this just a veiled attempt for a 'dummy company' to get the D.A. approved and then mysteriously a couple of years down the track when the dust settles, it is taken over by government (local or state). EASY no lost votes!
Given, no prior notice of this D.A. has been given to the people of the Shoalhaven, can the submission period be extended.
Has a Diesel particulate study been carried out on the D.A.
What was the Mayor of the Shoalhaven's 'Catch Phrase' that resulted in his election.
Birds and tips go hand and hand, has an impact study been carried out how this will effect the native birds of the Shoalhaven.
Will there be noise barriers in the form of thousands of trees or other methods, planned to attempt to protect the existing neighbours of the tip.
How can the proposed amount of rubbish fit in the existing hole.
As the proposed operation will (and seems to already have) changed the existing operation. Why doesn't the proposed D.A. include the altered Quarry operation. Why weren't nearby and Shoalhaven residents advised or consulted of the changed Quarry operation.
What dust diseases will neighbours of the tip risk contracting and how will they be compensated.
Who is 'Michaels Village Holiday Cottages' on Gumden Ln. They have 8 new two bedroom brick and iron cabins with a birds eye view of the proposed tip about 200 metres from it. They also catch there drinking water from the roof.
This will definitely devalue some of the land near and leading to the proposed development. What compensation will be offered.
In some papers it is stated that the "Buffer Zone" for Jervis Bay is all East of the Princes Highway. Does the developer seriously think that the people of the Shoalhaven are going to 'Cop this Sweet'.
Would it not be in the interests of the people of the Shoalhaven, that an independent 'Environmental Impact Study' be commissioned  just to be sure the developers E.I.S. wasn't flawed.
Why did the air study use 'Albion Park' as a baseline reference.
Why has the federal member Johanna Gash been so quiet in this matter up till now (20/09/09)
Is it reasonable for Shoalhaven Residents work for a living, to have a 30 day submission period for a D.A., with over 600 associated pages.
Tomerong Public School is less than 2 Kilometers from the site. Isn't this too close for a public primary school with over 150 children attending, to a proposed waste facility forecasting over 500,000 tonnes of asbestos related waste during its waste facility life.
If/when there is a contamination spill or event what are the procedures. Who pays.
Does the Shoalhaven Ratepayer pay to upgrade and/or repair Island Point Rd when unplanned wear and tear takes its toll.
At such a high  risk to the Shoalhaven Environment , Tourism Income, Existing residents down road, wind and stream, WHAT are the BENIFITS for the Shoalhaven. 
The application states that this proposed facility will employ  about 5 people. Isn't this an inadequate balance considering the possible risk to thousands of tourism jobs/dollars in the event of a waste facility failure so close to our main tourist magnet.

There are no statistics of surveys conducted for the northern portion of Hawken Road which would be used if vehicles are returning to the Illawarra.  Should this road be used, exiting trucks onto the highway at the intersection of Hawken Road & the Highway could be disastrous.

Why has The Wool Road (east) been included in these studies ?   This would suggest that traffic will also need to travel via Jervis Bay Road and The Wool Road via Old Erowal Bay through residential areas of 70kmh for which studies of traffic should also be provided.

Why has Wool Road (west) been included in these studies ?   Where would this traffic be coming from if it was to be using this road?  

If you have any concerns about this D. A. Proposal, Talk about it to your neighbours and friends and most importantly make a written submission before the 16/ October 2009.  See.. Sample letter. also call 'Department of Planning' via Carol Pereira-Crouch, local secretariat on 02 9383 2105 

Have you got any valid questions/experiences? Contact us.

Description of operation

(from (the Shoalhaven Council) Read and weep.

This document may be designed to deceive. Note the omission of the word 'Asbestos' when referring to building cavity dust. Note, the word 'inert' and then the allowable waste lists items that are obviously not 'inert'. Note, there is no definition for the word' inert' or 'non-putrescible', which leaves a convenient gray area. Note also Biosolids unrestricted or restricted use 1, 2, 3. And lastly "Any mixture of waste that may be referred to above". Oops one more that may interest you.."Additional wastes may be classified as general solid waste (non-putrescible) by the EPA from time to time..."
This suspicion may have all been resolved with pre notification 'community consultation'.

An Ounce of Action Now, will Save 2,000,000 Tonnes of Unknown Waste Later!

Write a letter to council! (See INFORMATION / SAMPLE LETTER)