This page gives a 'rough' history of the land relating to the D.A. (To be confirmed)

Pre 1950 history unknown
From 1950 the area may have been used as local gravel source.
About 1975 John Herbert started a small gravel quarry
About 1990 John Herbert was required to apply for a License or similar for the quarry

The Quarry  in 1990 known as 'Bellfields Quarry'
Sometime mid 1990's In-Ja-Ghoondji Lands Inc becomes the owner of the land Lot 4 DP 775296
Sometime mid 1990's Quarry leased to Tomerong Quarry
In ~2007  the Tomerong Quarry was taken over or bought by Shoalhaven Quarries
In ~2008 Tomerong Waste Pty Ltd was created. Tomerong Waste is a joint venture between Shoalhaven Quarries and Tomerong Quarry. Tomerong Quarry may be owned by SCE-Aust (www.SCE-aust.com).
~2006 First contact with council by developer or developers representitive was made referring to a waste facility at Tomerong.

On 20/08/09 The Development Application was made to Council. Note: NO community consultation was made to the surrounding neighbours or surrounding Towns before this.
26/08/09 Notification of the development application was received by some residents near the property 146 Parnell Rd
?/09  Joint regional planning panels are appointed to be the Consenting Authority.
12/09/09 A successful community meeting was held at the 'School of Arts Hall' at Tomerong.
16/09/09 A meeting was held at the 'School of Arts Hall' at Tomerong.