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As there is still much unknown about this proposal, this page is designed to give some facts as they come to hand...
Who will benefit from this Development Proposal.
Council waste management departments  from all over NSW.
The Tip operator.

More than 90% of the waste will come from outside the Shoalhaven.

From statistics of other similar purpose waste facilities in NSW, asbestos related waste may be 25% of the total. This would equate to about 500,000 tonnes during the 20 year life of the proposed facility, (this equates to about 50 or more heavy trucks a day for about 500 days).

Summary of Facts

about the Unwanted
Shoalhaven Mega Tip

• The DA is for a Non- Putrescible Waste Facility at
the quarry on the end of Gumden Lane.
• Initially to receive 50,000 tonnes growing to 100,000
tonnes per annum in 20 to 30 years time
• Material includes residual building waste that
cannot be recycled including lead based paint,
treated timber, containers previously containing
dangerous goods, fibreglass, plastics, building cavity
dust, gross pollutants collected from stormwater
treatment devices. The classification is - General
solid waste (non-putrescible). For a full list see www.
• This will result in 11,000 trucks or over 20,000 truck
movements entering and leaving the highway at the
Island Point Rd Bypass intersection, traveling along
the bypass and into Gumden Lane. The trucks will be
10 and 20 tonne and one every 12 minutes. There is
no safe egress for pedestrians or bike riders along this
• The waste will come from Bega in the south, all of
the Illawarra, Wingecarribee and possibly Sydney.
• The site has Tomerong Creek running through it and
this leads directly into St Georges Basin. It is also in
the catchment of Jervis Bay.
• This is an industrial activity in a rural zone that will
generate ground, water, air and noise pollution.
• The mega tip will diminish the quality of life, damage
local roads and decrease the value of land and
property in the whole Bay and Basin area.

Who is' Watkinsons Apperley Pty Ltd'.

Watkinson Apperley Pty Limited is a Nowra based company, servicing clients from Wollongong to Batemans Bay on the coast and Mittagong, Bowral and Goulburn on the highlands.

The company provides a range of specialist services in the fields of:

* Surveying
* Engineering
* Town Planning
* Project Management

Watkinson Apperley provides a complete service, from initial survey, engineering design and development application to final plan preparation and project management. (from their website)

Who is 'Tomerong Quarry Pty Ltd'
Address: 146 Parnell Rd, Tomerong, NSW, 2540
Phone Number: (02) 44434200

Who is Tomerong waste
Extracted from ASIC's database at AEST 20:09:00 on 03/09/2009
Name TOMERONG WASTE PTY LIMITED ACN 125 059 832 ABN 26 125 059 832
Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
Registration Date 24/04/2007
Next Review Date
Locality of Registered Office
Mount Saint Thomas NSW 2500
Australian Securities & Investments Commission These are the documents that ASIC has most recently received from or in relation to this organisation. Page numbers are shown if processing is complete and the document is available for purchase. Date Number Pages Description 18/05/2007 023768382 9 484 Change to Company Details 484E Appointment or Cessation of a Company Officeholder 484G Notification of Share Issue 484O Changes to Share Structure 484N Changes to (Members) Share Holdings 24/04/2007 022528286 11 201C Application For Registration as a Proprietary Company

Who is the consenting authority.
Excerpt from the website   http://jrpp.nsw.gov.au
The Regional Panels are an important step in creating Australia’s best planning system. They have been established to provide greater expertise and independence on regional planning issues. 

The Regional Panels consist of members appointed by State Government and Local Council. The Panels have been established to provide independent, merit-based decision-making and advice to the Minister on regionally significant development proposals.

Regional Panels commenced operation on 1 July 2009 in five regions of NSW.  View the Panel Regions.
Panels in the Western region of NSW will commence soon.

Exrept from http://www.paulgreen.com.au  Lord Mayor of Shoalhaven City Council (below)
Some of Mayor Paul Green's Priorities
  • Providing a truly great place to Work, Rest, Stay &.Play for all ages
  • Cycleways & Footpath City Network Strategy
  • Playgrounds & Parks Maintenance
  • Safe and accessible Recreational Fishing & Sporting Facilities
  • Activation of Shoalhaven River Frontage with a hotel, boardwalk and water fountain.
  • Continued Growth & Prosperity of Shoalhaven as a City through further investment.
  • Community Facilities, particularly those that service non profit organisations.
  • Decent Roads both Rural and Urban roads.
  • Good Drainage Management across the City
  • Working with the thoughts of Climatic Changes.
  • Recycling & Reusing Shoalhaven's Waste Stream and keeping it out of land fill.
  • Transparency in governance through the implementation of e-democracy and e-forums
  • Responsible Development while balancing the beautiful environment we enjoy.
END Paul Green's Priorities

Excerpt from www.sce-aust.com

Aggregate & Roadbase Materials 

SCE operates two basalt rock quarries, Permian Resources at Bombo near Kiama and Hebden Quarries near Singleton in NSW. These quarries produce crushed quarry aggregates for concrete manufacture, road bases, road pavement, drainage aggregate, crusher dusts, stemming aggregates for the mining industry and other blended materials.
Both quarries have a reputation for quality quarry products and services. Our commitment to meeting the specific needs of the clients results in the formulation of a total package including transport requirements and tailor-made products and services.

SCE also operates a shale quarry at Tomerong is approximately 20 kilometres south of Nowra on the NSW south coast for sale predominantly in the Shoalhaven and adjoining areas.

Each site has a certified weigh bridge and a modern sales loader to load all products in an efficient and timely manner.

The quarried product is sold as shale or is blended with steelmaking slag from Port Kembla or basalt from Bombo near Kiama. This results in certified bound & unbound road pavement materials suitable for road and general sub base pavement applications. The quarry also offers a range of select fill, overburden, clay & drainage aggregate products for use within the construction industry. These materials provide a cost effective alternative for road making requirements of sealed and unsealed pavements and for use in the construction industry in general.

The quarry accepts incoming C&D materials and certified VENM. The C&D material must be concrete only and must be clean and free of any hazardous materials such asbestos.

All materials are weighed over a certified weighbridge producing a detailed weighbridge docket. The system also allows multiple job tracking which detailed reporting and invoicing of materials to alternate job sites.

SCE also operates a sales outlet in the Flinders Industrial Park, South Nowra for the full range of quarried and recycled aggregate products.

All sites are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management Systems.

Environment Policy  It is the policy of the SCE Group to maintain a high standard of environmental care and practice in the conduct of its business as a competitive service company to the heavy industrial and mining Industries and the general community. The Group will achieve this by:

·        Striving to achieve the best environmental practices that protect our local environment and natural habitats.

·        Adopting management and work practices that limit our environmental footprint upon natural resources, the land, air and water quality.

·        Being pro-active in the assessment of the client’s environmental requirements and recommending improvements to the client’s and the Group’s practices and procedures to achieve improved environmental outcomes.

·        Ensuring that all SCE Group personnel are aware of their environmental responsibilities and accountabilities and act in accordance with practices and procedures developed by the Group.

·        Continually improving the processes and performance through the commitment of all SCE Group personnel.

·        Complying with Federal and State laws, regulations and standards and using the best practicable means to minimise any adverse environmental impacts.

·     Operating with a Management System that is certifies to AS/NZS 14001:2004

·        Communicating with local government and the community on environmental issues and contributing to the development of policies, legislation and regulations that may affect the SCE Group. 


·        The Managing Director is ultimately responsible and accountable for Environmental Management across the SCE Group.

·       Divisional Management is responsible for establishing management systems, environmentally sustainable work practices and processes, and for establishing procedures and work instructions that support this policy.

·       Business Managers are responsible for establishing and maintaining an environmental hazard register ensuring that risk assessments are developed for activities and or assets within their businesses.  Risk Assessments and controls shall be linked to the hazards listed in the hazard register.

·       Business Unit Managers are responsible for establishing mechanisms by which management systems and their components are reviewed and continuously improved.

·       Supervisors/Superintendents are responsible for conditions and work practices under their control and for providing leadership to implement, monitor and review environmental management practices.

·       Supervisors/Superintendents are responsible to assess and monitor employee and contractor competencies of work performance, and intervene where necessary to improved environmental management.  

·     Employees are responsible for ensuring that they comply with documented procedures and work instructions and that    their work methods minimize adverse impact upon the local environment.

·       Employees are required to report any adverse environmental impact to their supervisor without delay.  Employees trained in environmental response are required to take action to minimize the adverse impact, whilst ensuring that their health and safety is not placed at risk.

·       OH&S Consultative Committees are empowered by the Managing Director to review environmental incidents and to make recommendations to prevent recurrence. 

R. Newman

Managing Director

January 23, 2009


Who is Quadro Australia
See.. http://quadroaus.com (link will be opened on a new page)
See their Natural Environment section.. http://quadroaus.com/capabilities.html#natural