Councils D. A. Notifications letter

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To track the progress of the D.A. copy and paste the web address below, read the warnings, click agree, (move the help window to the side) type in the form at the top 146    Parnell Rd      Tomerong,  (Go to the bottom of the form) click 'search', (move the help window to the side) click on the '+' to the left of DA09/2077, wait 20 seconds, go about half way down the page to
Documents DA09/2077-01 (19/08/2009) Watkinson Apperley Pty Limited - 146 Parnell ..., click [view] to view the document in .pdf form.

Note if you don't have Adobe pdf reader you can download it at    http://get.adobe.com/reader/     (35Mb download)

For more information see.. ShUTip.com

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Joint regional planning panelshttp://www.jrpp.nsw.gov.au/DevelopmentRegister/tabid/62/ctl/view/mid/424/JRPP_ID/20/Default.aspx

Forum mentioning the proposed waste facility at Shoalhaven.

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