ShUT Rally outside Shoalhaven City Council Chambers 21/09/09


First notice of this application was when some residents of Tomerong received a notice of D.A. on Wednesday 26/08/09 giving concerned people 30 days to lodge a submission to council.

Any media to bring awareness to this Application and its implications for the region would be appreciated.

Below is a record of instances that we know, of media coverage of the D.A.
If any one hears of any coverage that we do not list within a couple of days of it occurring please CONTACT.

27/08/09. 2st and power fm.  Graham French summarising in the morning
02/09/09. 2st and power fm. Graham French interviewing a concerned resident of Tomerong.
02/09/09. (2st website) The State Government's controversial joint regional planning panel has been given its first two developments to assess in the Shoalhaven.The panel has been set up to assess major developments, and will be the approval authority instead of Shoalhaven Council.The city has refused to nominate representatives to the panel in protest at the state further eroding local government powers.The first two developments to be assessed by the panel will be the planned Tomerong tip and a mobile phone tower on Yalwal Road. Meantime Tomerong residents say they will do what they can to stop the proposed tip south east of the village. The privately operated tip could operate for up to 20 years and is planned for the Tomerong Quarry on Parnell Road .
07/09/09. More interview coverage.
09/09/09. Front page of 'The Register'
16/09/09. Front page of 'The Register' see.. http://www.southcoastregister.com.au/news/opinion/letters/general/mega-tip-will-affect-basin/1624826.aspx
17/09/09. 10 minute interview with Peter Edward on ABC Radio.
19/09/09. ShUT information stall at Tomerong Markets
21/09/09. Several radio interviews with Peter Edward.
21/09/09. Rally outside Shoalhaven City Council
22/09/09. Rally outside the gates of Tomerong Quarry on Gumden Lane
23/09/09. Page 3 of 'The Register'
23/09/09. Article on WIN 7.00pm News. (See below..)
24/09/09. Article in the Huskisson Woolamia Community Voice see.. http://www.hwcv.org.au/index_files/News.htm
24/09/09. Rally on the shores of Jervis Bay at Huskisson.
26/09/09. ShUT information stall at Sanctuary Point Markets.
26/09/09. ShUT stall at Berry.
?  Article at Basin Villages Forum. See.. http://www.basinvillagesforum.asn.au/page10/page10.html
03/10/09 ShUT stalls planned for most local weekend markets.
ShUT Rally at Quarry Gates on Gumden Lane 22/09/09
Front Page of the South Coast Register 09/09/09
23/09/09. Article on WIN 7.00pm News.